Now Don’t Screw it All Up! – 5 Things to Avoid on Your Wedding Day

March 14, 2016

Everyone wants to look amazing in her wedding photos. You have picked the perfect gown, spent hours on hair and make-up, found the right jewelry to accentuate your outfit and hand picked a second-to-none photographer to capture it all. Here are 5 things to avoid if you don’t want to negatively impact your wedding day experience.


This is definitely one of my biggest pet peeves. You spot an amazing moment unfolding from across the dance floor, you get into position and compose your shot and then someone becomes camera aware and ruins the moment by saying “Hey everybody there’s the photographer – say cheese”. A wedding is the celebration of two families coming together. How would you like to remember this event, with a bunch of photos of people mugging for the camera or a collection of images of those people who are dearest to you interacting with one another in a genuine and meaningful way. This is not to say that you should never look at the camera. Certainly during those more posed photos it is necessary to do so. But when it’s time relax and enjoy the party, pay no attention to the camera. Let the real moments unfold and allow the camera to capture it. The photos will definitely look better if you do.

Bride having fun on the dance floor

Bride and Groom Hora


Trust your instincts, if you have done your homework and hired and experienced and established photographer there is no need to provide him with a 6 page shot list with every conceivable combination for family portraits. This is your wedding not a photo shoot. Lets be honest, there is only so much that you can accomplish in a given period of time before quality begins to suffer. Giving your photographer a lengthy list of photo requests is only going to give you quantity not quality. The goal is to document the day not to provide every family in attendance with a photo for their holiday card. 


Trends are fun, but rarely last. Do you want your wedding memories to be clichés in 35 years? Remember the best man grabbing the groom’s arm preventing him from running away or the double-exposed photo of the bride and groom superimposed over their ceremony. Keep your photos authentic and timeless. Photos of real moments and honest emotions always stand the test of time and can be enjoyed for generations to come.


It’s your wedding, just try to have fun. Even if everything doesn’t turn out exactly as you hoped, roll with it, and enjoy yourself. It’s always those moments that are unscripted that make your day unique and different from every other wedding in history. Embrace your individuality and let serendipity unfold. A happy bride always makes for better photos anyway.

Bride and Groom's first dance at The Venitian


We live in the digital age for sure, even 90 year old grandmas have iPhones. I understand the thrill of getting that great shot, I’m a photographer after all, but the trend of guests using iPhones and iPads to photo bomb the wedding is getting out of control. Oftentimes the groom’s view of his bride coming down the aisle is completely obscured by a sea of mobile devices being held out into the aisle. Guests no longer experience the wedding first hand because they are all fixated on their phone screens. Guests need to realize that the couple has hired a professional to capture the day’s festivities and they should just enjoy the wedding.

wedding Guest with iPad


When is it TOO LATE to Book My Wedding Photographer?

March 7, 2016

There are so many things to think about after the big “YES!”. Two of the biggest decisions you will likely make first are the when and where to get married. After that there is a long list of details, both big and small that need to be addressed. One of the most important is who is to photograph the wedding. Imagine having secured the most idyllic location, wearing the most glamorous bridal gown, at the most elegant reception venue and no one to capture all these details.

Each week I get a handful of inquiries from brides looking for a wedding photographer for 6 months from now, for next month, or even crazier; next week. In almost every case I have to turn them away because I am already booked. While the thought of loosing the opportunity to work with an amazing couple is disappointing, I am more troubled knowing how difficult it is going to be for them to find a quality photographer on such short notice. The simple truth is many in-demand wedding photographers book over a year in advance. As your wedding date gets closer, it will be harder to book your first choice photographer.

Because we are living in a time where we are inundated with photography, more and more, brides are placing an increasingly higher value on quality photography for their wedding. So, needless to say, finding the right photographer is pretty important.

So when is the “right” time to contract your wedding photographer? The simple answer: book your wedding photographer as soon as you secure your venue, if not sooner. I have been booked on a number of occasions before the reception hall has been retained. Some vendors, such as the florist, bakery, limos, or even hair/make-up artists may be able to schedule more than one wedding in a day. Their services typically do not extend from the bride’s preparation through the end of the reception. Photographers, on the other hand, don’t typically schedule more than one wedding in a day. So once you find a photographer that you know is THE ONE, don’t delay.

Keep in mind that there are certain times of year that are more popular for weddings. Here in the North East, October tends to be the busiest month, so if you’re hoping to get married during peak leaf season, perhaps look into booking everything that much sooner.

What if you did reach out to your favorite photographer well in advance and he is still unavailable on your date? Don’t panic, ask them for recommendations. They may know of a colleuge with a similar style who is available.

There is certainly no right or wrong time to book a wedding photographer, however, delaying will certainly affect your options.

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Jen & Ken: Washington Heights Engagement Session

August 7, 2012

We have been having a really dry summer. So we had to take that into consideration when planning Jen and Ken’s engagement session. The first few locations we picked out just were not going to look their best. So when we finally settled on a date and location, wouldn’t ya know it, it poured all day. So we rescheduled and in the end I think it worked out pretty well.

Rhodalyn & Crisgean: NJ Wedding Photographer

July 18, 2012

Crisgean and Rhodalyn’s wedding was just plain off the charts amazing!  It had it all; a beautiful couple, gorgeous details, a Lamborghini, devoted family, a craps table, great friends, break dancers and 42 people in the bridal party! There were so many unbelievable elements to this day this blog post could easily contain a few hundred images. I will just limit it to a handful of our favorites. A huge thanks to all the vendors who made our jobs so much easier:

Reception:? The Venetian ~ The Palazzo Room

Entertainment: Magic Moments

Hair & Make-up: ?Pink Comb Salon

Florist:? Flower Elegance

Video: Iris Cinematics

Liberty State Park

The W Hotel, Hoboken, NJ

The W Hotel Hoboken, NJ

The W Hotel Hoboken, NJ

The Hyatt Hotel Jersey City, NJ

Thats what 42 people in a bridal party look like!

The Venetian Garfield, NJ

The Venetian, The Palazzo Room

The Venetian, The Palazzo Room

The Venetian, The Palazzo Room

The Venetian, The Palazzo Room

The Venetian, The Palazzo Room

The Venetian, The Palazzo Room

Liberty State Park

Here are a few from our Day After Session.

Liberty State Park

Liberty State Park

The Venetian, The Palazzo Room

Here we are with Cris & Rhod along with the newest addition to the Timothy Glenn Photographers team, Chelsea. Welcome aboard! (Photo by Joe Rodak)


May 23, 2012

Glenn and I were really looking forward to Allison and Andrew’s wedding at The Upper Montclair Country Club.  The day did not disappoint. It was a perfect spring afternoon and Allison and Andrew are such a sweet couple.

Upper Montclair Country Club, Clifton, NJ

Upper Montclair Country Club, Clifton, NJ

Upper Montclair Country Club, Clifton, NJ

Upper Montclair Country Club, Clifton, NJ

Upper Montclair Country Club, Clifton, NJ

Upper Montclair Country Club, Clifton, NJ, Clemson UniversityBoth Allison and Andrew attended Clemson University and Andrew’s grandfather worked for the Clemson Athletic Department from 1959 to 1998 for a string of 40 consecutive football seasons.

Upper Montclair Country Club, Clifton, NJ

Upper Montclair Country Club, Clifton, NJ

Upper Montclair Country Club, Clifton, NJ

Upper Montclair Country Club, Clifton, NJ, Jay DellaValle

Upper Montclair Country Club, Clifton, NJ

Upper Montclair Country Club, Clifton, NJ

Upper Montclair Country Club, Clifton, NJ

One of my faves from the day.

Our Cup Runneth Over

March 10, 2012

We truly have the greatest couples in the world as clients! It warms our hearts knowing that they appreciate us. Glenn and I hope that they know that the feeling is very mutual. These were some of the notes that we received this week.



Gina & Todd Show Us a Hidden Gem

November 5, 2010

Hidden away in the northernmost part of Manhattan is one of the most beautiful parks in NYC, Fort Tryon Park. Offering panoramic views of the Hudson River on one side and Upper Manhattan on the other it was the perfect backdrop to Gina and Todd’s engagement session.

Mob of Photographers Descend on NYC’s Meat Packing District

January 31, 2010

January 23,
Nearly 100 photographers from all over the tri-state area converged in New York
City's Meat Packing District for the first
2010. Photog Shootout is the brainchild of Rob Nicholson
. His idea was to give photographers of varying experience levels an opportunity to gather, network, and exchange ideas. He is beginning to create a real community with events scheduled all across the country. I have met some very talented photographers and made some good friends at the two Shootouts that I have attended. A big thanks go out to Rob and William Chang who helped organize the NY event.