Month: April, 2014

5 Tips to Selecting Images for Your Wedding Album

April 28, 2014

All too often our couples tell us “there were so many amazing photos that we can’t narrow them down”. I know that the selection process may seem like an overwhelming task, especially when you can’t visualize how they will all fit together in the final album.  Don’t stress, just keep in mind that a little good planning will make all the difference in the world.

1) Pick your absolute favorites

When you are deciding which images to include remember that this is your wedding album, your first family heirloom, and not some generic off the shelf mass-market coffee table book. Select the photos that mean the most to you, not necessarily the pictures that you feel you are expected to include. Select the ones that stir your emotions, bring a smile to your face, that transport you back to that moment in time.

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It helps to remember that there are five key segments in the day:

1)    Preparation

2)    Ceremony

3)    Family portraits

4)    Bridal party portraits (this includes the portraits of the bride and groom)

5)    Reception

Include a handful of key moments from each category. Remember that the goal isn’t to document every smile, tear and laugh that occurred during the day. Which leads me to the next point…

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2) More doesn’t equal better

One to two images per page allows for a clean elegant more focused design. It is typically best to choose one strong image that best represents the moment rather than including four or five that are not as compelling. The idea is to allow your story to unfold at a nice even pace and keep the viewer interested and engaged. It’s not a minute-by-minute account of everything that went down that day. Show the parts that you most want to remember.

Weddings are one of the few times in life where all those people who are most important to you are present under one roof. So including a group shot is a must for most couples.  However, half a dozen pages of family portraits may be overkill. It is not unusual to make portraits of the same people in various combinations.  While they may all be great photos resist the urge to include them all in the album.

3) Tell a story

It’s all about creating a beautiful narrative. The best wedding albums tell a story and this one should tell the ultimate story… yours. Most stories have a beginning, middle and an end and so should yours so think chronologically. Your preparation photos should come before the ceremony and your ceremony before the reception. However, there are no hard and fast rules here. You can certainly mix some portraits throughout or start and end the book with an amazing portrait. What we really want to accomplish is for the book to flow.

4) Don’t forget the details

The details are what personalize your wedding and make it uniquely yours. Your décor selections are all extensions of your personality and were made with meaning and forethought. Without question, a lot of time, effort and expense was spent making these decisions so make sure that they are represented in the book as well.

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5) Keep it simple

Focus on the best images and let them speak for themselves.

We believe that the final album is so important. The wedding album is a vehicle to relive all the emotions you experienced that day. But in reality the album is not as much for you as it is for your children and grandchildren. It is through this book that they get a glimpse into who you are and how profound your feelings for one another are. It will show them your deep love for family and how much you enjoy each other. We wrote about the value of making prints from your digital photos in a previous blog post ( and the bridal album takes that up a notch.

BONUS TIP: Don’t Procrastinate

It’s not uncommon for a couple to set aside the project of selecting their album images until they have more time to sort through them. Unfortunately, this can turn into months and even years. We all become involved with life and time slips away from us. The sooner you get those selections to your photographer the sooner you will have that amazing heirloom album in your hands to cherish for generations to come.